Do I need the pre-wedding shooting session?. Wedding female photo and video studio in UAE

Pre-wedding shooting is a great way to «test-drive» a photographer you plan to hire for your special day. How can it be managed and organized? Before the wedding we always advise the bride to do a trial for her make up and hairstyle. During the trial, the bride and the make up artist can clearly identify what to change and improve. Arranging to meet your photographer right after the trial gives a great chance for pre-wedding shooting.During a pre-wedding photo session, the bride and the groom are able to familiarize themselves with how the photographer works, the style she/he uses and feel a sense of comfort with the whole shooting team.

There are so many beautiful ways to use pre-wedding photos and videos ahead of the main wedding event, you might want to include a photo in the wedding invitation or to play a touching video clip during the wedding that shows the couple’s love story. Such videos can be used in between functions of the wedding or during the gala-dinner. Pre-wedding video is shot like a Hollywood production with the bride and groom as the stars! 

All of the above shows how important it’s to have a shooting team ready to capture your special pre-wedding moments, and of course you can add this love story to the family album.