VIDEO EDITING. Wedding female photo and video studio in UAE

This question is usually asked sooner or later by all newlyweds, especially after the wedding. We understand you are eager to see what kind of shots were taken on your special day by the videographer. But why preparing a wedding video takes such a long time? and why do you need editing at all? let’s have a closer look.

Videography of the operator at the wedding is actually only the initial stage of creating your wedding film, and not the most time-consuming and energy-consuming. After the holiday is shot, the main part of the work begins-it is a professional editing of the wedding video.
Professional wedding video editing includes the following steps:

 • full view of captured video clips from all cameras; * removing the marriage (duplicates, blurred frames, bad moments); * selecting the best quality frames and trimming them according to the script of the video or movie; • frame-by-frame gluing of movie fragments; • image color correction and light balancing; * selection of music, adding audio tracks and smooth transitions between frames and individual significant moments; * adding special effects, titles, and additional elements if necessary (you should adhere to the principles of editing a wedding video, such as the absence of congestion and unnatural).
What affects the speed of installation
1. The amount of footage.The time it takes for a videographer to complete the installation of a wedding video from the material taken at the wedding depends entirely on how long the master was present at your celebration and how many operators were shooting— the more of them, the longer it will take to edit the film.
2. The wishes of the newlyweds.The amount of time spent by the master on editing the wedding video directly depends on the number of wishes of the newlyweds for the final film. If you just want to get a high-quality edited and edited clip report, then the editing operator will need less time to prepare it. And if you want to create a whole wedding movie from the video, then editing this work will take more time. After all, you will not only need to cut frames, but also make careful color correction, balancing and image stabilization

We, Brides’ Tips Studio always try to do everything as efficiently as possible and in the shortest possible time for you.  

VIDEO EDITING. Wedding female photo and video studio in UAE