WHY WOULD YOU NEED TWO VIDEOGRAPHERS AT YOUR WEDDING?. Wedding female photo and video studio in UAE

While planning for your wedding, you would come across the important aspect of arranging for video shooting. There are many advantages to having a wedding being shot with two cameras or even more.

Depending on the level of detail, the budget and the size of the event, the amount of cameras is determined and allocated for your special day.

Understanding the main aspects of having more than one videographer would help you making the best decision, here are some of the advantages:

Different point of view 

Having two videographers at your wedding gives multiple shots from different angles at the same time, each videographer compliments the other in shooting from different angles in the same time, this variety of angles ranges from an emotional close-up to a general wide view of all guests. 

Continuity, never miss a moment

Unlike single-camera shooting, having two cameras ensures seamless continuity of capturing the entire event from the start ‘till end, from different angles at the same time, making sure not a single moment is missed.

There are, however, disadvantages of having many videographers:

Small weddings

Sometimes the lesser the better! The size of the wedding would usually determine the number of videographers needs. A smaller gathering in a cozy wedding could be sufficiently covered with just a single videographer instead of having two or more. Having too many videographer could  overcrowd the setting and make guests feel uncomfortable with having too many videographers in a small area. 


Obviously having more than one female videographer would increase the costs, so it’s important to carefully asses the size of the event and the level of detail needed in shooting, in order to tailor the best package within your budget.    

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