The " Pre -Zaffa ". Wedding female photo and video studio in UAE
The " Pre -Zaffa ". Wedding female photo and video studio in UAE
The " Pre -Zaffa ". Wedding female photo and video studio in UAE

Here we list tips on how to make your Pre-Zaffa experience as easy, stressfree, and enjoyable experience for you both!  

One recommendation is to discuss the Pre-Zaffa beforehand with your wedding planner, where you can agree on the timing with your photography team, as well as the makeup artists and hairdressers.

Even when you do not  have a wedding planner, a Pre-Zaffa is still an easy arrangement to do! One easy way to arrange to:

  1. Inform the ballroom and the wedding decoration company of your intention to have the ballroom to yourselves alone earlier by approximately an hour and before any guests arrive
  2. Involve your makeup artists and hairdresser in this arrangement too, so they can show up earlier as well to help with the preparations for the Pre-Zaffa
  3. Visualize your idea of how the scene of the Pre-Zaffa would play out to your photography team. Would the groom be walking to the bride? or vice versa? Will he be at the ballroom near the Kosha? Use your imagination and creativity, and don’t hesitate to ask the photography team to help you with coming up with ideas! They are experienced after all!

Pictures and videos from the Pre-Zaffa always look amazing, especially in the albums! Don’t miss on such an opportunity to capture such those special moments before the wedding itself!

Remember, at Bride’s Tips Studios, we are always happy to capture those special Pre-Zaffa movements!